Ennio Morricone Fans Forum Closed Notice
Due to various subjective and objective reasons, this forum will be closed from September 1, 2023. Please refer to this page for details
Several related matters are announced as follows
1. We have notified all members via email on August 16-17, 2023. Please be prepared accordingly. The new password has been sent to everyone
2. The important posts of the forum have been backed up on the main website. For details, please see here: Chinese forum; English forum
4. Download 30 classic movies for fans here (For personal research and appreciation only)
4. If you can use Chinese, welcome to join our WeChat group, official account, etc. Where can you get to know more friends, and our important information will be released in time
5. Thank you for your attention and support to the forum and website over the years. This website will continue to serve enthusiasts on the main website (the main domain name is http:/morricone.cn, and the backup domain name is http://em.hty66.com ). If you have any requirements, please contact the webmaster via email( qilingren@hotmail.com