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I received a registered letter from German friend Mr. Rainer Chilian on Nov.4,2017. Open it up, there are a lot of photos, it is photograph of their baby granddaughter, and write note on the back of every photo. The child is growing very fast, Her grew up from his mother's arms seems the time in a second. It seems that their old two really like this granddaughter, Here are a few to share with you
Rainer had told me many times that there is a nice garden in his Germerning hometown's yard, He like very much work here. Now I see the garden indeed very nice
Look at her funny look. Don't underestimate, More than 10 years later, the girl is a stand gracefully erect young women! Maybe I can still see her
He also sent a pamphlet from the german stamp collection auction, a few pages of pictures and prices about Chinese stamps are specially selected
I sincerely wish this German old friend and a family of three generations of ordinary Germans happy life, good health!
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