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Morricone's official website (Hereinafter referred to as EMOW) should be a place where authority, credit, fans, provide the right information for appreciation, collection, research, exchange of fans and are respected and loved by fans, but if it has a lot of problems for a long time, you can't get in touch with it for 8 years, whether you ask for help, make a suggestion, point out its mistake, or criticize it, it always ignores you, how would you feel if you met such a famous, official website? Don't believe it? Here's my practice record:
First time: April 26, 2009,
It is email to info@enniomorricone.it , make suggestions and ask for help for Ennio Morricone China concerts. The main contents are as follows:
..... I have a few propose for the concert and Great Master Morricone. I wish you can pass on the E-mail to him, I will be deeply grateful.
1. I hope the music "Der aubenseiter" (Le marginal-1983) will be performed in the concert. This is a best music with oriental element. The gong and drum is an instruments of jubilation in China. If it become a start music in the concert, it must be well received and can evoke strong sympathy.
2. I also hope the theme music of "Marco Polo"(1982) or its interlude "First Love" will be performed in the concert. Marco Polo is a well-known person to every person and every household in China. The music will be an eternal symbolize for the friendship between Italian and Chinese......
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You can also browse this web page for detail
Of course, my English is poor. But that should be forgiven. I believe that as long as the patient, its content can be understood
Second time: May 18, 2015
It is sent info@enniomorricone.org and forto reflect filmography problems, The main contents are as follows::
.... Not long ago, I know a good news from the "Msestro" magazine, a new official website appeared. I am with great hope to browse, but very disappointed to find that Its filmography (Music of Film) almost exactly the same with old, and still from 1961-2008, (But now already is in 2015!) total 401 films. And the forum has also been abruptly shut down!
I am very puzzled and confused. I asked many Western friends, their feelings are the same with me. I do not know why this is? Recently I found this precious contact email address, I look forward to your reply and explanation very much for the following questions:
1. You know the filmography of many problems in,and how do you view these problems? When you are ready to solve? ( I can send a detail document about these problem to you if you need)
2. When open the forum , or it will be permanently closed?
3. If I have important suggestions to Ennio Morricone maestro, can through you forwarded to him? Or you can tell me the other channels of contact with the maestro? Thank you very much!.....
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Third time: Nov. 16, 2015
It is sent to info@enniomorricone.org andfor send an my article released in "MAESTRO”:“Disappointing and puzzling Morricone official website - Criticism and expectation from Chinese fans" and asking for opinion. The main contents are as follows::
......Ennio Morricone is world famous Maestro and Italian national treasure. He is loved and respected by people all over the world including China. I have been concerned about your site (Ennio Morricone official website) for my hobby and my website construction for many years, and get a lot of help. However, it is also found that many long-standing problems in your chronology (Filmography). Because of the importance of the chronology to me and my website, I have contacted you many times by email, but still no any reply. Out of love and expectations for Ennio Morricone and his official website, I wrote an article,and is released in the e-magazine "Maestro" issue #6 published by Belgium ChiMai website, and reprinted on my website (see here). For your reference and convenience, I want to send this article to you (see annex)...........All the purpose is out of the love of the Maestro Ennio Morricone and the expectations of his official website. I hope to discuss with you and listen to your opinion If there is any improper or wrong in these articles. I hope to see more of your new authoritative chronology as soon as possible!........
The email was copy to my friends Mr. Didier Thunus (the webmaster of CHIMAI) and Mr. Michael Caletka (the webmaster of Austria website)
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Fourth time: April 22, 2017
It is sent to info@enniomorricone.org for reflecting a track name problem in the Morricone concert brochure, The main contents are as follows:
...........I got an introduction to the concerts edited by you (ENNIOMORRICONE.ORG). I found a question that would like to get your help and reply. There is a "Musical Programme" on page 30 of the book, printed on the third line: Rabbia e tarantella (from the film Baaria)
My question is: Can not find this music in all released Baaria soundtrack albums (example ChiMai, Soundtrack, Discogs....), only《Ribellione》is similar. The 《Rabbia e tarantella》is theme music's name of 1974 film "Allogsanfan", it has also been used by Quentin in his film "Inglourious Basterds" and use same name. There are two views here and have a debate: One, This is a definite significant change; Two, this may be an edited or printed error. So i hope to get your help and confirmation as soon as possible. And please tell me its cause if this is a definite significant change........
The email was copy to Mr. Didier Thunus
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Fifth time: May 4, 2017
It is sent to info@enniomorricone.org For reflecting a serious mastike in the Morricone Tour Concert's brochures edited by the EMOW, and ask them to take steps for remedy , The main contents are as follows:
.........I have got 2 brochures of Morricone Concert edited by WWW. ENNIOMORRICONE.ORG from my German friends. One is "ENNIO MORRICONE MY LIFE IN MUSIC (in 2015), other one is "ENNIO MORRICONE THE 60 YEARS OF MUSIC TOUR" (in 2017). I found that they had a serious mistake and continued from 2015 to the 2017 version, please see the attached 2 screenshots (11,12)
The mistake occurred at the film music. 1975 films (10 films)was omitted between 1974 and 1976 , please see 13 screenshot from your new film music in the official web site.
I hope you to take immediate action to correct this mistake,because Morricone 60 tour will continue, it is best to re-print, or add an errata. In order to eliminate the adverse effects of sold brochures, should post a notice in your web site........
Except copy to Mr. Thunus and Mr. Caletka, it also copy to 3 related email in the brochures. An UN office of them reply to me soon, tell me that the thing already not related with them, and suggesting me to contact EMOW
The email enclosed 3 screenshots, please open below URL to see them:
Screenshot 11
Screenshot 12
Screenshot 13
As a loyal fan of Maestro Ennio Morricone and a webmaster of the website that take Morricone's work as the theme, with these questions, I asked some of my respected European friends, (Example Mr. Didier Thunus who is a webmaster of Belgian CHIMAI website and Mr. Michael Caletka who is a webmaster of Austria Morricone theme website), they seem to share the same feeling with me: In 2015, in an reply email about I ask the EMOW filmography problem, Didier tell me that "the official filmography is very bad. I have been able to mention this to one of the managers when Ennio was in Brussels. He said he would contact me about that, but he hasn't done it yet. Hopefully he will soon." He also sent me a complete filmography edited by himself. But more than two years have passed and nothing has happened. March 3, 2017, he wrote in a reply to my post: "The official site is not really "insisting". They just copy-paste old mistakes and do not care much." In 2015, the fans forum, which has long been run by the EMOW, was suddenly closed, I asked Michel who was invited as administrator of the Forum in that time, he reply to me: "The contents of the official site are not very well. They started the site with great plans and everything new in design, but then somehow it seems those responsible for the contents lost interest.…The forum has been cut off over night without telling anyone…. I was feeling quite disappointed myself when the site went down all from a sudden”(see below screenshot from "Maestro" issue #8 of P 46)
For me such a fan from China, Faced with such a problem what difficult to understand and deal with for a long time, I've been wondering why this happened? Is this the general custom of Italians? I checked the official websites of several famous musicians in Italy,the answer should be No. For example, the singer Andrea Bocelli a great reputation at present, His official website, not only has a good forum, specially opening an online message page, It not only increases the responsibility of every person who wrote the message and the manager, but also avoids the possibility that the email cannot be delivered:
I also checked the late musician Luciano Berio's official website (Luciano Berio),the contact way of every department is very detail, including name, email, phone, etc., gives a feeling of hospitality
I also doubted that is there a problem with the email box? 8 years without a reply, this phenomenon is indeed questionable. But a recent message has helped me unravel the mystery: A friend of mine teld me they were going to make a film, neet to use Morricone's works, due to copyright issues, he send an email to info@enniomorricone.org, he received a reply in sixth days! oh, that's too lucky! Why .......? This can only be explained by the EMOW (I got a copy of that email from my friend, but it's not convenient for publishing because commercial reasons)
Of course, we do not have to go into such a problem. I only hope the official website don't become bureaucrats website, they should be good teachers and helpful friends for all Morricone's fans. Our request is only that they improve their work and deal good with public relations. In the limited opportunities of Maestro's healthy life, collate and release an exact and complete data of works of the Maestro, it should stand the test of history, don't leave unsolved mysteries to posterity. Official website of a famous person, If the long-term cut off contacts with public, shut the door on the people's reasonable opinions and demands, it will gradually lose its authority and vitality. I believe that our beloved Maestro Ennio Morricone will think so, too!
Welcome to participate in the discussion, comment, correct mistakes, and also welcome to forward this post
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