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Starting in February 2016, 88-year-old Ennio Morricone once again began his 60 years European tour concert. From the information published on his website we know that this round of performance from 2016.2.16 (London, UK )to 2017.10.16(Prague, Czech Republic), The performances total 29 games in 22 cities of 14 countries, covering Western Europe (except Spain, Portugal and several small countries) and Nordic (except Norway, Iceland) all countries, and some Eastern European countries. (See here detail
We can see some of the features from the trailer video below published by his official web site:
Generally speaking, there are three characteristics The history--"OLD", its time is 60 years; The featured - "NEW", from new hairstyle to new program; The Lineup - "STRONG" , the number of players and singers is powerful;
Below, let's focus on the programs. Unfortunately, I have no conditions to attend these concerts,but my German friend Chilian sent me a very rich brochure included the programs, it is common for these 29 European concerts (Of course, there will be some individual changes, especially the encores). Below we will be based on this programs to carry out research
Here is its program list
A homepage to Giuseppe Tornatore
01 The Legend of 1900 (from the film The Legend of 1900)
02 Rabbia e tarantella (Baaria)
Scattered Sheets
03 Chi Mai (Le Professionnel)
04 H2S (H2S)
05 Metti, una sera a cena (Metti, una sera a cena)
06 Love Circle (Metti, una sera a cena)
07 Cinema Paradiso (Cinema Paradiso)
A homepage to Mauro Bolognini
08 Per le antiche scale (Per le antiche scale)
09 Irene-Dominiquec (L'eredita Ferramonti)
The Modernity of Myth in Sergio Leone's Cinema
10 The good, The Bad and The Ugly - Main theme (The good, The Bad and The Ugly )
11 Jill's Theme (Once Upon a Time in the West)-soprano Susanna Rigacci
12 Sean Sean (A fistful of Dynamite)-soprano Susanna Rigacci
13 The Ecstasy of Gold (The good, The Bad and The Ugly )-soprano Susanna Rigacci
The hateful Eight
14 Stage Coach to Red Rock
15 Bestiality
3 Adagi
16 Deborah's Theme (Once Upon a Time in America)
17 Addio Monti (I promessi sposi)
18 Vatel's Theme (Vatel)
The Red Tent
19 Do Dreams Go On
20 They're Alive (SOS)
21 Others Who Will Follow Us
The Mission
22 Gacriel's Oboe
23 Falls
24 On Earth as it is in Heaven
Here are a program list from the online appearances of the February 22, 2016 Amsterdam concert, roughly similar, slightly different:
In order to comparition, except an article about 2002-2010 Morricone concerts can be referred, here are some of the information (program listings) about Morricone 2015 Europe tour concerts (from Here and here)
From the above program (not including Encore) can get some impression for Morricone 60 years concerts :
1. Overall, the style of Morricone's concert has still been maintained since the Arena Concert on September 28, 2002 in Verona Italy. From the lineup, there are large symphony orchestras, large choirs, soprano solo, directed by Morricone personally; From the programs, it was divided into several large plates, about 20-25 music , duration of about two hours a little more. Except Morricone conductor and soprano Susanna Rigacci unchanged, in the course of more than 10 years of performance, its symphony orchestra and choir took place many changes, which may be related to region and commercial costs. The earliest involvement of the Rome Sinfonietta Orchestra has gradually been replaced by several foreign Symphony Orchestra example Munich Radio, Hungary Gyor Philharmonic Orchestra, The Czech National Symphony Orchestra (It is from 2014 until this tour). The chorus is mostly from the concert local, example Beijing Gala Chorus and China national opera house (In China), University Choir Munich (in Germany) , Kodaly Choir and Oradea Philharmonic Choir (This tour)
2 the biggest change is the setting of the plate and the choice of music.
2-1. first look at the plate,
a total of 8 plates in this time , the number is the highest in history. Among 5 plates are traditional and classic plate, include Scattered Sheets, A homepage to Mauro Bolognini, The Modernity of Myth in Sergio Leone's Cinema, 3 Adagi and The Mission. 3 plates are new: "A homepage to Giuseppe Tornatore", "The hateful" and "The Red Tent".
In a certain sense, "A homepage to Giuseppe Tornatore" is half old and new. It has 2 music, The Legend of 1900 Is a reserved program for many years. Only Rabbia e tarantella is new. In the sense of the times, the key partner of the maestro Sergio León will be naturally replaced by Giuseppe Tornatore
There is no need to say more about the plate of "The hateful",maybe we will see a "Quentin Tarantino's home page" in the future, if the maestro lives long, two people have several better cooperation.
"The Red Tent"plate is a strange phenomenon, it is intriguing that appears as a plate in this time, following a special discussion.
2-2 on the choice of music. Total of 24 music is shows in this program list which 6 music is never appeared in the previous concert, they are 02 Rabbia e tarantella (Baaria) ,14 Stage Coach to Red Rock ,15 Bestiality ,19 Do Dreams Go On ,20 They're Alive (SOS) and 21 Others Who Will Follow Us. The proportion is 1/4, so this is one of the biggest features of the concert--"NEW"
2-3 About music 02 Rabbia e tarantella (From film Baaria) in the "A homepage to Giuseppe Tornatore" plate. There are a lot of excellent music in the films collaborated by Morricone and Tornatore, why choose such a music, of course, there is the maestro of their own motives. The music is from 2008 film "Baaria", its original name is 《Ribellione》in all albums (see 01, 02, 03)
Below from "ChiMai"
Below from Soundtrack
Although the melodies and rhythm of the 2 music is very similar, but after all, they is not a piece of music.《Rabbia e tarantella》is theme music of other 1974 film "Allongsanfan". It also is an excellent work of the maestro, I have ever published a special web page for it in 2009.
It has also been used by Quentin in his film "Inglourious Basterds" and use same name. Why the maestro use the 《Ribellione》in these tour concerts and will its name become 《Rabbia e tarantella》? i think he has at least two motives: One reflect the characteristic of the tour concerts-- "OLD" --60 years ture. It's easy to make people revive that 1974 music. From 1974-2008-2017, 40 years of speeding over,but his excellent works are still desirable; Two reflect another characteristic of the tour concerts--"NEW"--Just like Susanna Rigacci's new hairstyle, This old maestro, never satisfied with the existing glory, both inheritance and innovation. Let the audience and the maestro together to review his 60 years of music career and the evolution of many of his excellent works, this is indeed a very wise choice.
The following is 《Ribellione/Rabbia e tarantella》(From 2008 film Baaria 03'34")
The following is 《Rabbia e tarantella》(From 1974 film Allosanfan 03'52" )
About two music 14 《Stage Coach to Red Rock》and 15 《Bestiality》in "The hateful Eight" plate
First talk about 《Stage Coach to Red Rock》: This is a title music composed by Morricone for this film, Can also be called a theme music. So far this is a unique original soundtrack composed by Morricone for Quentin's film. After Morricone promised to compose for this film, Quentin is full of expectation. He said: "I asked him what it would be and he just described it metaphorically. He said it would have a forward momentum that would suggest the stagecoach moving through the winter landscape, but with an ominous sound overall that would suggest the violence to come..." But when Quentin first got this group of music, he found that this is not what he expected that Spaghetti Western style music. There is neither a loud and clear whistle in "The good, The Bad and The Ugly", nor that casual harmonica in “For a Few Dollars More". Those slinky electric guitar riffs, church bells, banjo, Piccolo, cracking whips, gunshots and other classic Western elements are almost not used in this film.
But after repeated listening to the subject, his attitude gradually changed from hesitation to appreciation. He little by little understand the good intentions of the maestro. That is to get rid of a lot of people's obsession with the so-called "spaghetti western film music", re-create a new genres of "Quentin film music" style. It can also be seen that from many reports and interviews, the nearly 90-year-old maestro, put forward the new perspective on the historical famous melody was created by himself for Leone's "Spaghetti Western" film 40 years ago and the development of film music.
" I don’t like to repeat myself,” says the 87-year-old Morricone. “If Quentin wanted something similar to Sergio Leone, I would have told him that it was better 'no’. We would only have been heavily criticised for remaking the past.” Morricone has frequently expressed irritation at his association with the genre, and is fond of pointing out that “of the hundreds of films I have scored, only 30 were westerns”. In any case, Morricone considers the phrase “Spaghetti Western” insulting. “Spaghetti is something you eat. The work of Leone is certainly not something you eat.”(See here)
When he talk about this soundtrack for Quentin, he says: " Can I repeat for Tarantino what I've done for Sergio Leone? It's not possible, right? It would be absurd..... The music I wrote for Leone is almost 50 years old -- this is totally different..... It would make Tarantino's movie look hideous, because that music is
old, you see. I had to write it in another way. But I have written very important music for him. I don't know if he directly realized that, or if the others did. They didn't expect that music, that's why they didn't understand it. But he told me, after he had listened to it twice: it's ok, I like it. But at first it had been a shock. He had expected something completely different. But I didn't give that to him, because I didn't want to give him something he knew already." Morricone urges his listeners to hear The Hateful Eight score apart from his previous work—especially from the enduring legacy of his spaghetti Westerns. “Forget the work that I’ve done in the past for the Italian Western or for the Sergio Leone movies,” he says. “Quentin Tarantino and his film really deserve a music of their own...... Since he was so generous and showed so much respect and trust, he deserved something unique and totally different, and this score is totally different from all the other scores I’ve composed. It’s a symphony dedicated to Quentin Tarantino.”
Because Morricone is nervously composing at that time for Tornatore's new film "Correspondence", despite his intention to only provide a theme for Tarantino, Morricone ended up writing 50 minutes of original music for The Hateful Eight, with a few tracks from his earlier scores for Exorcist II and John Carpenter's The Thing used to fill out the music used in the final movie, and he still has that kind of weird and experimental spirit as always, a large number of electronic synthesizers were used in the soundtracks of the film. He said: “If you use the synth just to recreate the sound of an existing musical instrument, it is wrong. But if you use the synth to create sound that doesn’t exist, that’s a very wise way to use it.”
After the compose, Morricone took the time to personally direct the Czech National Symphony Orchestra to perform and record. . The theme track opens with a growling bassoon set against a slightly discordant pedal note from the violins, drums adding that momentum Morricone talked about. Plucked cellos and basses join, some ominous lower brass too, then staccato strings begin to accompany that bassoon melody, swirling around. Finally after a couple of minutes comes a pause in that momentum before the central melody is taken up now by a pair of trumpets, a hint of The Untouchables about the way they dance off each other. A new, urgent B phrase of the theme comes up, male voices enter, the melody becomes more and more intense before an explosive cacophony of brass. pushes the pressure valve even tighter. The frantic B phrase alternates with the main melody to the conclusion. It’s an exceptional seven and a half minutes of film music – of music – that recalls the composer’s great crime scores of the 1970s and 80s, displaying a remarkable intensity and vigour.
(See here or here)
The following is 《Stage Coach to Red Rock》(07'31")
The film won the 73rd Golden Globe and the 88th Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack. Morricone once again with the amazing works shows maestro's style, to prove that their talent still the same as before. ( See 01020304 050607
Then talk about another music in this plate of 15 "Bestiality"
This music is usually not found in the music album (See 01, 02 ) , because it uses the old music in the film "The Thing" (TA8206). (And other 2 music "Eternity"和"Despair"). As mentioned earlier, because Morricone is composing at that time for film "Correspondence", so he had to recommend Quentin to use those music that he wrote tracks for "The Thing" but no used. The 2 films have a lot of similarities as the "horror film" type, snow and hut, trapped and suspicious, blood plasma and killing, their structure is almost the same. More interesting is that despite the past 35 years,the leading actor of the two films all are the American actor Kurt Russell.
1982 film "The thing" stills
2015 film "The Hateful Eight" stills
Quentin's film music has always been known as mashup, he will not refuse to quote "strange" soundtrack, not to mention this is a Morricone classic soundtrack. And these music suspense atmosphere, indeed very suitable for this film,
The following is this music (02'55")
2-5 About 3 music in "The Red Tent" plate: 19 Do Dreams Go On, 20 They're Alive (SOS) , 21 Others Who Will Follow Us
The music in the 1968 film "The Red Tent" (TA6816) may have never appeared in the Morricone concert program. But according to an article "The Russian Concerts" (By Eldar Djabrailov ) published the "Maestro" P 14-19 Issue #1 (2012 inaugural issue), The music of the film has been encored in the Morricone concert In the Kremlin on June 23, 2005 (See here or here).
This is a co-production film by Italy and the United States, starring by the famous British actor Shawn Connery.
It has two versions, the international and Russian versions, international version composed by Ennio Moricone, Russian versions by Aleksandr Zatsepin. This is a film based on historical facts that an Arctic expedition in 1928 with a sensation of the world and international joint rescue operation, the former Soviet Union made a significant contribution to this (See here and here)
Below: Expedition captain Umberto Nobile 1885.1.21.-1978.7.30
The concert of the maestro in the international community has a high reputation and great influence, the selected each track has important significance and high value, as a forum is more compelling. Why the maestro to take such a plate out to show in his 60 years tour concerts ? The number of music even more than Giuseppe Tornatore and Mauro Bolognini's plate, It had to cause people to think deeply. Is this purely for a 60 year art review? Or about our real life? Individuals can have personal understanding, welcome everyone to express their views, to participate in the discussion. But one thing is certain, It at least let people once again recall such a famous international joint rescue operations occurred 90 years ago, and extend a lot of thinking ... ...
Below: The front row is the famous polar explorer Amundsen (left,Norway) Elsworth (middle,the United States) and Noble (right,Italy) (In May 1926)
Here we listen the three music in turn. The third length of 22 minutes, the actual performance in the concert temporary unknown
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