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New notice: This event has expired from April 9,2017

In order to celebrate the beginning of our English community and thank Mr. Thunus Didier and everyone's warm support, except provided 130G resources for all VIP members (see here), I decided[color=#cc0002] to launch a grand celebration activitiesto to provide a month of free download of three kinds of 20 items' rare resources for all new community members
. It includes:
01 - 16 rare of the films composed by Ennio Morricone (Total size 14.8G)
1-1 TA6303-Il Successo-AVI-671M-99'(Includes ENG subtitle)
1-2 TA6501-Agent 505 Death Trap Beirut-MKV-1460M-87'43"
1-3 TA6504-Gli amanti d'oltre tomba-AVI-690M-99'54
1-4 TA6814-L'alibi-AVI-1350M-101'04
1-5 TA6821-Listen, Let's Make Love-AVI-1170M-88'15
1-6 TA7115-Maddalena-AVI-648M-112'13"
1-7 TA7206-D'amore si muore-MKV-1390M-80'19"
1-8 TA7220-Quando l'amore è sensualità-AVI-1200M-87'25
1-9 TA7408-The Secret-AVI-698M-98'12 (Includes ENG subtitle)
1-10 TA7410-Leonor-AVI-967M-94'29
1-11 TA7414-Sex Advice-AVI-697M-76'13
1-12 TA7912-Professione figlio-AVI-738M-91'05"
1-13 TA8012-Windows-MP4-713M-90'16"
1-14 TA8102-Butterfly-MP4-1050M-107'42"
1-15 TA8107-So Fine-AVI-695M-90'55"
1-16 TA0703-Tutti le donne della mia vita-AVI-702M-98'58
02 - BOOKS
2-1“Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook”English version PDF format, total A4-287 pages 21M (See here About detail)
2-2“Composing for the Cinema The Theory and Praxis of Music in Film”(Author: Ennio Morricone,Sergio Miceli; Translator: Gillian B. Anderson )(2013 )English version PDF format, total 310 pages 159M (See here about detail)
2-3 "Ennio Morricone - Filmografie" (2013 German version. 1961-1971, 1972-1987, 1988-2012 total 3 books)German version PDF format, total 163 pages 61M (See here about detail)
03 - 2014-2016 Ennio Morricone sheet musicS
110M RAR compressed file, 580 pages PDF format 190 sheet music (See here about detail)
[b]All of the above resources are provided for "Morricone Fans Community" member until April 9,2017 (Space limitation). Please first to register and then open the page to get download URL
Thank you very much for your participation
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