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Title:  Being hard
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March 25, 2018 notice: this activity has been formally finished , but the posters can still be awarded according to the original rules, all gold coins will become a record as a member's seniority and activity. Thank you for your support
In order to celebrate the Morricone Fans Community (Forum) opening and welcoming new members, we confirm the following incentives:
1. All new member can get 10 gold reward immediately after the completion of registration and activation. The gold can be seen in the sidebar left of your post (see below screenshot)
The gold will equivalent to Same value of the dollar ( 1 gold=1 USD). You can buy our all resoureces (Except paper books). Its total content see here. Please send email to me and tell me that your registered name and email, the resources name (or number) and the number of gold coins you already have. I will send the resources URL to you, and then deduct your equivalent gold in the community.
2. You also can increase your gold by way of post here. It will automatically add a gold coin after you publish a post every time. (Add water or meaningless post will be deleted and no reward). Registered members can also reward each other by way of publish question post (Select classification in the top of publish post). The rewarded number of gold coins should be marked by the Poster. Once you (poster) have got and confirmed the right answer, the gold will be forwarded to the respondent.
3. The deadline for this event is the end of 2017. Welcome your participation and cooperation! Please contact to me if you have any problem

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