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This year is 1st anniversary (March 2017-2018) of the opening of the Morricone Fans Community (forum, Englsh and Chinese) . On april 19, 2018, the 100th Chinese memder YIUYIU completed registration at the Chinese Forum, and 56th English member PANUNZIO also completed registration at the English Forum at same time. This is an important node. So we decided to provide free downloads of 5 important movies composed by Ennio Morricone to all visitors for celebrating. The period of validity by the end of 2018.
7413 Mussolini, ultimo atto / Mussolini: The Last Four Days (Carlo Lizzani) AVI 851M 121’49” English subtitle
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Plot: It is April, 1945. As the Third Reich is starting to crumble and blame is being passed in every direction, Benito Mussolini (Rod Steiger) finds himself at the center of his country's wrath and a marked man by the Allied nations. Betrayed by the Germans, wanted by the Americans, and hated by the Italians, "Il Duce" sees no other choice except to escape for Switzerland, accompanied by his loyal mistress (Lisa Gastoni) on his dangerous and, ultimately, fruitless journey. But with blood on his hands and a death sentence on his head, the dictator who once thought of himself as "a new Caesar, a God," is forced to see the harsh reality of his crimes and the price that he will have to pay as his enemies close in on him......One of the most fascinating aspects of this film is the portrayal of Claretta Petacci, Mussolini's long-suffering and faithful mistress. Lisa Gastoni is utterly heartbreaking as the woman who absolutely refuses to see her man lose, throwing herself on the line for his protection, even when her own life is threatened. This intimate and somewhat disturbing relationship gives the film a much deeper level of pathos than most other treatments of the subject.

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