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This year is 1st anniversary (March 2017-2018) of the opening of the Morricone Fans Community (forum, Englsh and Chinese) . On april 19, 2018, the 100th Chinese memder YIUYIU completed registration at the Chinese Forum, and 56th English member PANUNZIO also completed registration at the English Forum at same time. This is an important node. So we decided to provide free downloads of 5 important movies composed by Ennio Morricone to all visitors for celebrating. The period of validity by the end of 2018.
6701 Ad ogni costo / Grand Slam (Giuliano Montaldo) AVI 797M 114’03”English subtitle
Download from Google Skydrive >>>>>>
The unzip password for the compressed file morricone.cn
Plot: After retirement, Professor James Anders presents criminal Mark Milford an elaborate plan to rob a diamond company in Brazil with a crew of professionals. The men assemble in Rio de Janeiro and run in to an unanticipated problem: a new alarm system called Grand Slam 70

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