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German friend Mr. Chilian sent me an email in August 5th and tell me: “We are preparing the celebration of MARIA`s 70. birthday on August 18 (Friday). We invited ca. 45 guests for dinner and Maria`s closest family will come from her hometown (300 km north of Munich). They will stay a few more days.”It seems that German customs are similar to Chinese, his wife Maria's seventy birthday is also Grand. More than 40 people who from 300 kilometers away came to have a joyous gathering to celebrate birthday,, this is a very no easy thing. I sent them a greeting card with Chinese national festival music CD, I hope to add a voice from China to the grand banquet. That's what I said in the email:“An air registered letter with a greeting card has been mailed today morning, its numbe is RD398137777CN, I hope you can receive it before August 8. It is important that has a music CD, all music are Chinese most famous folk music, especial first music "花好月圆“ (HUAHAOYUEYUAN, English is "Booming Flowers and a Full Moon"), it is most famous festival music in China, it already has a history of several hundred years, it was played in almost all weddings, birthdays, festivals, and so on, i hope you will can play it in your 45 guests for dinner and enjoy and celebrate together. attached it for you . And 2, 3, 6, 11, 12 all are very famous music in China and world, also attached a catalogue with CN and EN”
Yesterday (2017.10.28) I received a letter from Mr.Chilian, the letter was mailed out from his hometown GERMERNING on Oct. 17,2017. Open it, a big photograph of Maria in front of a red door background is impressively visible, below is Maria's signature
Maria is glowing and had a good complexion. For 20 years, she has given me a lot of help, especially the introduction of German delicious food. Wish them good health and happy life in their later years
Please click here to listen the HUAHAOYUEYUAN ( English is "Booming Flowers and a Full Moon")
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