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Since October 2017, a free download of the film (embedded EN -CN subtitles) composed by Morricone will be provided in the page every month. And it will be replaced to a new film in each month beginning. It is a hidden post that is open only to members of the community and to VIP members.
For members of the community, please login with your own password
For VIP members, please login with the VIP password (Please change the original user name from mfvip2011 to mfvip, Password unchanged )
1. First login, and then open this post
2. Reply to a simple post (no less than 10 letters) under that post
3. You can instantly see the contents and download address of that hidden post
If you are not a member, please registration first, and then immediately login for download
Would you please check this page (http://forum.morricone.cn/yyx8/Index.php/Content/87.html) and download at the beginning of each month. (It's best to set it up as a shortcut way on your computer or mobile phone)
Thank you very much for your cooperation
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