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Continuation second post
I have bought all raw material in China (by way of network) in April 2017. The following are all expense. All in dollars, as 1 USD=7 RMB
1. Candied lemon peel, 1000g, 5.1 USD, Freight 2.1 USD yuan, total 7.2 USD. Here
2. Candied Orange Peel, 1000g, 5.0 USD, Freight 2.1 USD yuan, total 7.1 USD. Here
3. Hazlennuts ground (Turkey import), 500g, 9.3 USD, Freight free .Here
4. Almonds ground (America import), 500g, 5.3 USD, Freight free. Here
5. Paranuts ground (Mexico import), 100g, 2.1 USD, Freight free. Here
6. Walnuts ground , 250g, 3.6 USD, Freight 0.7 USD. Here
7. Powdered sugar, 500g, 1.4 USD, Freight free. Here
8. Vanillasugar (German Dr. Oetker Vanille), 8g (1 small bag), 1.3 USD, Freight 0.2 USD (total freight 0.8 USD for total 4 small bags I buy) Here
9. Lemon peel (Finesse) (German Dr. Oetker ), 6g (1 small bag), 0.7 USD, Freight 0.3 USD (total freight 1.2 USD for total 4 small bags I buy) Here
10. Ground cardamom, 1 bottle of 45g, 2 USD freight free. Here
11. Ground allspice, 1 bottle of 50g, 2.3 USD freight free Here
12. Ground cinnamon, already there, do not buy
13. Ground cloves, already there, do not buy
14. Backing oil in glass (Bitter almond flavor) (German Dr. Oetker ) A small bottle,0.6 USD, freight 1.2 USD. already there, do not buy Here
15. 3 eggs, sugar of 200 grams, a domestic lemon, all are local supermarket procurement. Total 0.8 USD
Total cost for every time produce (300g ground nuts and other ingredients according to Mr. Chilian's recipe)
0.7+0.7+1.9+1+1.4+0.9+1.4+1.4+0.15+0.15+0.15+0.15+0.15+0.15+0.9=11.2 USD
The total weight of the finished product is about 1000 grams, is about 50 pieces (5 cm diameter) of ElisenLebkuchen. Average $0.22 USD per piece ElisenLebkuchen (20 grams) or 1.1 USD per per 100 grams of ElisenLebkuchen (Excluding artificial, utilities and depreciation charges etc.)
A few notes:
1. The spice recipe I use (For every time)
Total 6g (2% of the total amount of 300 grams of ground nuts )
Ground Cinnamon 1.5 g
Ground Clove 1.4 g
Ground Allspice 2.5 g
Ground Cardamom 0.6 g
2. Since the first finished product is soft, so this time 130 g flour is added
3. Because it is for my own food,for simplicity, without the use of small "Back Oblaten", and use a few baking aluminum foil plate with diameter of about 12 cm. After the dough is flat in the aluminum foil plate , cut a few small pieces with a knife, and then to bake. Oven temperature 170 degrees (Celsius), time for 45 minutes, cover an aluminum foil on the baking pan, just open the top of the heating tube. If you want the cake surface to be hard, take off the surface of the cover an aluminum foil at the last minute and pay attention to observe to prevent baking paste
4. After cooling, can directly cover the powdered sugar on the big plate with diameter of about 12 cm.
Thanks again to my German friend Chilian for the good food he brought me after I retired 20 years later
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