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Maestro #13 is available
PREFACE: Vintage or Intemporal - Didier Thunus (3-4)
NEWS: In breve, Old News, Feedback from Previous Issue, Web News - Didier Thunus, Patrick Bouster et al (5-21)
IN MEMORIAM: Farewell to Alessandro Alessandroni, The Most Famous Western 'Whistle' in the World - Valeria Rusconi and Ernesto Assante [www.repubblica.it] (22-23)
INTERVIEW: Incontro con Alessandro Alessandroni - Patrick Ehresmann (24-28)
ARTWORK AND ANALYSIS: Orca Killer Whale - Steven Dixon (29-30)
IMPRESSIONS: The Dino De Laurentiis Malediction: 40 years to get the music… or not - Patrick Bouster (31-34)
DVD REVIEW: Gillo: Le donne, i cavalier, l’armi, gli amori - Richard Bechet (35-37)
DOSSIER: The Sixties in Radiocorriere, Part 2: Light Music for the Television - Frédéric Durand (38-52)
IN MEMORIAM: Addio Sergio Miceli - Roberto Pugliese [www.colonnesonore.net] (53-54)
ARTWORK AND ANALYSIS: La tenda rossa - Steven Dixon (55-59)
INTERVIEW: Giorgio Carnini, Part 1 of 2: L’organo laico - Patrick Bouster and Mikael Lindgren (60-67)
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Hi,Didier, Thank you very much for your news and contribution! I have got the Maestro issue #13, its contents is very rich, and I am very happy to see your introduce about our Community in the P 21
I am very grateful for your support, and hope more fans will come here
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