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An article "Music, Lyrics, and the Art of Arranging" by Enrico Tichelio was published "Maestro" issue #4. Yesterday I have edited an Chinese post " Morricone's one music every week-013", and reread the article
The article wrote: "......From that time onwards, many of the successes of the stable singers had the mark of his craft, which was essential for the quality and reliability of the product. From that angle, with his special serious mental attitude, with the modus operandi that stinguishes the young bespectacled, shy and of few words master, he set to work: he was resolute, indefatigable, at the service of the customer but
without compromising the art. "Enzo Micocci, director of the RCA gave to me the first safe work. I will always be grateful to him." At the RCA,
Morricone is unleashed: it’s 1960, the "sound of a rolling jar" launches Gianni Meccia, for whom the term singer-songwriter is coined; Ennio tells how he got the idea: "I created an effect slamming a jar in the ground. Then it was a success: I earned the one percent on sales of the 45rpm, my first 500,000 lire.”
After working with Meccia, he created the arrangements for the first song of Edoardo Vianello (1960), for Gianni Morandi in Go-kart Twist (1962), Andavo a cento all'ora (1962), and In ginocchio da te (1964). For Gino Paoli’s Sapore di sale (1963), Morricone adds the saxophonist Gato Barbieri in conjunction with that decisive rhythm, through the electric bass: one million copies sold, a success
that in the collective imagination is the soundtrack of the Sixties’ Italian summers........."
I have found these music mentioned above. These music all are important for studying Ennio Morricone history, so publish them here for sharing
001- 《Sound of a rolling jar》 for Gianni Meccia (1960, its Italian name is 《IL BARATTOLO》)
Video in online Youku website 03'16"(China)
Its lyrics: (Italian)
strada facendo rotola
rimbalza qua e la
la la la la la
come il mio amere inutile
dove mai finirÃ
Tratta il mio ccuore così
come fosse un barattolo
Lo fa girare qua e lÃ
senza nessuna pietÃ
forse neppure lo sÃ
perchè lo fa
strada facendo rotola
gira rimbalza e rotola
come il mio amore inutile
dove mai finirÃ
Roll, roll, roll
Road rolling
Bounces here and there
La la la la
Roll, roll, roll
Like my useless love
Where will never end
It treats me so
as if it were a jar
She does it here and there
Without any pity
Maybe not so
Why does he do it?
Roll, roll, roll
Road rolling
Turns bounces and rolls
Like my unnecessary love
Where will never end
002 -《Go-kart Twist》 for Gianni Morandi (1962)
003 -《Andavo a cento all'ora》 for Gianni Morandi (1962)
004 -《In ginocchio da te》 for Gianni Morandi (1964)
005 -《Sapore di sale》for Gino Paoli(1963)
This article takes a long length and a lot of data to study the special experience in Morricone's early musical career, the following is 2 charts:
Figure 2 shows the sequence in chronological order of the songs written by other authors and arranged by EM.
Figure 4 shows the sequence in chronological order of the songs from the film written by others but arranged by EM.
So we can see that arranged music's number is amazing in 1960s. This history is very important for Ennio Morricone. I looked at [img=http://morricone.cn/ns-works/T-1955-1969-eng.htm][/img]our latest chronology,total 28 films belongs this kind of film (include arranger and orchestrator ) from 1955-1965:
TB5501 Gli Sbandati
TB5801 Le Canzoni di tutti
TB5901 Morte di un amico
TB5902 La Duchessa di Santa Lucia
TB6001 Via Margutta
TB6002 Il Rossetto
TB6004 L'Avventura
TB6101 Enrico '61
TB6102 L′Italiano Ha Cinquant′anni
TB6103 Barabba / Barabbas
TB6104 1 Generale E 1/2 / On the double
TB6105 TOTO', Peppino E la dolce vita (Sergio Corbucci)
TB6201 Violenza Segreta
TB6202 Gli Italiani e le vacanze
TB6203 Il Sorpasso
TB6204 Le Due Legioni
TB6205 Ombre Vive
TB6504 Stasera Rita
After 1966, with the rise of the prestige of Morricone and the development of the cause, I can not find this kind of film in TA, TB and TC. But we know that there are some music composed by other musicians was used his films, example 《The Crave》(by Jelly Roll Morton) and 《Peacherine Rag》(by Scott Joplin)is used in "The legend of 1900", 《Ma L'Amore No》(by Giovanni D'Anzi) is used in "Malena" etc.
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