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Bounty is not the purpose, the bounty is fun, the bounty is the contribution! Welcome to all fans made everyone to share your talents!
First question here
Starting in February 2016, 88-year-old Ennio Morricone once again began his 60 years European tour concert. From the information published on his website we know that this round of performance from 2016.2.16 (London, UK )to 2017.10.16(Prague, Czech Republic), The performances total 29 games in 22 cities of 14 countries, covering Western Europe (except Spain, Portugal and several small countries) and Nordic (except Norway, Iceland) all countries, and some Eastern European countries. (See here detail
After studying the program of this round of concert, I found two important questions. Although I have done some analysis and speculation ( see here ), but I can not guarantee its accuracy, therefore, I hope to discuss with all fans, and hope to get more accurate answers.
The second question: Why suddenly appeared in a new plate "The Red Tent" in this round of the concerts? See below screenshot:
The music in the 1968 film "The Red Tent" (TA6816) may have never appeared in the Morricone concert program. But according to an article "The Russian Concerts" (By Eldar Djabrailov ) published the "Maestro" P 14-19 Issue #1 (2012 inaugural issue), The music of the film has been encored in the Morricone concert In the Kremlin on June 23, 2005 (See here or here).
This is a co-production film by Italy and the United States, starring by the famous British actor Shawn Connery.
It has two versions, the international and Russian versions, international version composed by Ennio Moricone, Russian versions by Aleksandr Zatsepin. This is a film based on historical facts that an Arctic expedition in 1928 with a sensation of the world and international joint rescue operation, the former Soviet Union made a significant contribution to this (See here and here)
The concert of the maestro in the international community has a high reputation and great influence, the selected each track has important significance and high value, as a forum is more compelling. Why the maestro to take such a plate out to show in his 60 years tour concerts ? The number of music even more than Giuseppe Tornatore and Mauro Bolognini's plate, It had to cause people to think deeply. Is this purely for a 60 year art review? Or about our real life? Individuals can have personal understanding, welcome everyone to express their views, to participate in the discussion. But one thing is certain, It at least let people once again recall such a famous international joint rescue operations occurred 90 years ago, and extend a lot of thinking ... ...
Here we listen the three music in turn. The third length of 22 minutes, the actual performance in the concert temporary unknown
My question: Why suddenly appeared a new plate "The Red Tent" in this round of the concerts?
Welcome to discuss, put your point of view and basis. The correct answer will be rewarded
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