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Bounty is not the purpose, the bounty is fun, the bounty is the contribution! Welcome to all fans made everyone to share your talents!
Starting in February 2016, 88-year-old Ennio Morricone once again began his 60 years European tour concert. From the information published on his website we know that this round of performance from 2016.2.16 (London, UK )to 2017.10.16(Prague, Czech Republic), The performances total 29 games in 22 cities of 14 countries, covering Western Europe (except Spain, Portugal and several small countries) and Nordic (except Norway, Iceland) all countries, and some Eastern European countries. (See here detail
After studying the program of this round of concert, I found two important questions. Although I have done some analysis and speculation ( see here ), but I can not guarantee its accuracy, therefore, I hope to discuss with all fans, and hope to get more accurate answers.
The first question: Why did the Maestro change the original name 《Ribellione》from 2008 film "Baaria" to the same name as 《Rabbia e tarantella》from theme music of other 1974 film "Allongsanfan"? See below screenshot:
We know that its original name is 《Ribellione》in all albums (see 01, 02, 03)
Below from "ChiMai"
Below from Soundtrack
It has also been used by Quentin in his film "Inglourious Basterds" and use same name. Although the melodies and rhythm of the 2 music is very similar, but after all, they is not a piece of music. Why the maestro use the 《Ribellione》in these tour concerts and will its name become 《Rabbia e tarantella》? The following to listen the 2 tracks:
The following is 《Ribellione/Rabbia e tarantella》(From 2008 film Baaria 03'34")
The following is 《Rabbia e tarantella》(From 1974 film Allosanfan 03'52" )
Why the maestro use the 《Ribellione》in these tour concerts and will its name become 《Rabbia e tarantella》? i think he has at least two motives: One reflect the characteristic of the tour concerts-- "OLD" --60 years ture. It's easy to make people revive that 1974 music. From 1974-2008-2017, 40 years of speeding over,but his excellent works are still desirable; Two reflect another characteristic of the tour concerts--"NEW"--Just like Susanna Rigacci's new hairstyle, This old maestro, never satisfied with the existing glory, both inheritance and innovation. Let the audience and the maestro together to review his 60 years of music career and the evolution of many of his excellent works, this is indeed a very wise choice.
My question is: Do you have any new ideas? What is your basis?
Welcome to participate in the discussion, let everyone share your views. The new correct answer will be rewarded
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