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We have released the film "La Califfa" without subtitle in 2008, now we have got its English subtitle and translated to Chinese. Because the subtitles, we have more understood the film, example:
1. What kind of person is the male actor Doberdò (the factory manager) (By Ugo Tognazzi 1922-1990) ?
He used to be a worker, through his own years of struggle,he become the boss of the biggest cement factory in the town . Because of his strength is most powerful in the town, so he become the presidency of the assembly in the town. These objective conditions caused him to be a person who stubborn personality, and decisive, maverick, impulsive temperament. It also caused a lot of enemies, eventually the tragic ending to be killed.
Below: Doberdò reprimanded the workers on behalf of the strikers(000713)
Below: He asked the police office to mobilize more polices to crack down on the strike(001212)
Below: He was observing social reflection after calm down the strike(002241)
Below: He is answering the workers' questions about his program that workers joint management (010032)
Below: He is in a heated debate with many factory owners in the assembly(011628)
2. However,He is like a lot of upright people,there are also the conscience
Below: Doberdò is explaining his joint management plan to the workers(010021)
Below: He is asking the priest to allow to held a funeral for the factory owner who committed suicide(010341)
Below: He feels guilty for personal derailment behavior(011046)
2. About the actress Califfa (By Romy Schneider 1938-1982 )
2-1 Califfa is a female worker, her hu**and is a worker in the Doberdò factory and was beaten to death by police in a strike movement. He's full of hate for Doberdò(000856)
Below: When Doberdò going to drive to leave the factory, he stopped his car to spit on him(001034)
Below: She did not show weakness when faced Doberdò(002508)
Below: She sat on a broken pipe and feeds a dog. (002534)
Below: She called on the workers to take action to destroy the factory equipment(003606)
2-2 In the struggle, she had the opportunity to close Doberdò. The situation is gradually changing
Below: (003003)
(Attached: a famous CD cover)
Below: (003039)
Below: (004049)
Below: The music
Below: (004422)
Below: (004802)
The film is rich in content,such as collusion between Doberdò and government officials; Califfa helped Doberdò persuade workers; A series of warnings around Doberdò; Doberdò's family conflicts; Doberdò and other factory owners infighting; Mrs. Doberdò and Califfa face to face conversation; Doberdò's son run away.....Until Doberdò was murdered,I believe that every fan will appreciate and interpret it. It is worth mentioning here that the last two conversations:(012657-01:29:02)
01:27:34,348 --> 01:27:37,524
You, men, are capable of making love even during an air raid.
01:27:40,005 --> 01:27:42,970
For a woman, instead, love means peace.
01:27:44,142 --> 01:27:45,785
Peace, good God, peace.
Califfa wants to talk about her as a woman's basic requirement-Peace and Equality, obviously, this is a topic that Doberdò would not like to discuss, so he interrupted Califfa's talk twice.
This is exactly what the director Alberto Bevilacqua wants to express theme--Although both of them have love,but they are unequal. It is shown in the lyrics of the theme song by Alberto Bevilacqua for Sarah Brightman: ".....the cruelty of the proprietors has seen in me just a dog, which puts itself at your chain."
Finally, there are two issues to discuss with all fans together. You are welcome to post below for discuss and share
1. Who killed Doberdò ?
The extremists in the strikers?
Or the factory owners with he is the same class of
Below: (012723)
Below: (013208)
2. Why its time and place what Doberdò was killed is diferent in the film? Why Califfa said: “<i>That was my hu**and.</i>
The scene in the film end (013132 )
The scene in the film begins (000109)
Below is the music "La Califfa" sung by Sarah Brightman in her album "La Luna" 11th track(See here
Reference webpage 1. The film "La Califfa"
Reference web page 2. Music overview
For the convenience of fans to download, here providing free download the movie "La Callifa" from 2018
Please open the post to down the film embed EN-CN subtitles。WMV格式,526M, 01'32'08"
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