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Today (March 30,2017) I have received a "Surprised packet" (Chilian's words)sent by my German friend Mr. Chilian
I open that thick packing, Oh, there are so many things, A big plastic bag, it seems to be loaded with a lot of food; A big book and a letter。
About the book, please see my other post, here only about that food. In Chinese Spring Festival this year, Chilian again sent to me Dresden Christmas stollen, and also other food. But what I like best of all is that small cakes made by their own. It caused my great interest. I hope I can do it myself. So i hope Chilian to send its recipe to me. But out of my expectation, he sent me the recipe and all the ingredients purchased in Germany!
He also wrote a detailed explanation
His wife Maria weighed the weight of each ingredient, then in accordance with A, B, C, D, E respective numbering. The German spirit of strict is admirable indeed!Their enthusiasm is touching!
Thank you very much for my old friend! I will strictly follow the explanation to do the ELISENLEBKUCHEN !
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