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Today (March 30,2017) I have received a "Surprised packet" (Chilian's words)sent by my German friend Mr. Chilian
I open that thick packing, Oh, there are so many things, A big plastic bag, it seems to be loaded with a lot of food; A big book and a letter。
About the food, please see my other post, here only about that book. Chilian said in that letter:
It is too important! I've been trying to collect M concert brochures for years, not only for collection, but more also for research. This brochure is a universal for Morricone's 60 year tour, Its meaning is self-evident
I see that from his official website this "The 60 Years of Music Tour" start from Feb.14,2016 in Dublin, up to Oct.16,2017 in Prague, total 29 concerts!I don't know if there's any more in Prague?But at that time the Maestro was 90 years old! He can continue to insist on such busy running about activities? (A few years ago, I suggested that the Maestro should take some time out to deal with many of the problems of his official website. To avoid it became long of controversy in the future and leave a history regret. If the fans of many questions are long ignored, not only affect the image of the official website, it will also be a damage for the Maestro)
I find the Olympichall in Munich picture, ah, it is very majestic
I read the book carefully, Its size is non-standard. Its length and width all are 29 cm square. (This is a very bad size, not only inconvenient to store, and scanning is very difficult)Use 150 grams of coated paper printing, a total of 46 pages. Rich content:
2. "CONVERSAZIONE WITH ENNIO MORRICONE"(Di Sir Christopher Frayling) P9-19
3. "Working With Quentin Tarantino" P22-23
4. "Ennio Morricone Life Notes" P26-27
5. "Perfomer Credits" P28
6. "Musical Programme" P30-31
7. "The Czech National Symphony Orchestra" P34[/b]
8. "Kodaly Choir" P35
9. "Oradea Philharmonic Choir”P36
10. "University Choir Munich”P37
11. "Susanna Rigassi Soprano" P38
12. "Film Music" P39-41
13. "Absolute Music" P42-43
14. "Credits" P44
[b]Here you can listen whole music in the concert
I think there will be a lot of fans need this information. So I decided to provide a copy of it for our members in our community (I'm sorry, because it's hard to scan, so I have to provide its photos). Here are a few examples (Due to the community upload restrictions, here photos clarity has been reduced):
If you need the information, please open a hidden page to download it. Total 51 photos 146M RAR compressed file

Thanks to Mr. Chlian for his contribution

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Nice post! Few points:
1. "It is too important! I've been trying to collect M concert brochures for years, not only for collection, but more also for research."
- me too! I have a lot of scanned EM programmes and tickets, some from the concerts I saw (I could send the scans to you if you want), and some from my EM friends from all over the world.
2. ""The 60 Years of Music Tour" start from Feb.14,2016 in Dublin, up to Oct.16,2017 in Prague, total 29 concerts!"
- the tour actually started in Prague, on 15 january 2016. I saw the concert in Budapest two days later and bought the same programme that is still being sold.
For complete dates of the tour see here (latest addition - Budapest, 18 october):
For all the 290 verified concerts he conducted so far, see here:
With the 10 concerts left for 2017, we will come to the exact number of 300 concerts - although it is very possible that he already reached that number, since almost every day we manage to find some obscure concert he conducted here and there - a topic we might discuss in future issues of "Maestro".
Cheers, M.
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Title:  Being hard
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Welcome you, Serbia friend Milan. Thank you very much for your rich message. I will be very happy if you can send those information mentioned above, and it will be share here for who all need.
You can use following any email for send to me
Thank you very much!
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