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4-German friend Chilian

Mr. Chilian and I have known each other for 20 years!We know very accidental,On August 20, 1998, I'm queuing at the China Nanjing post office for sending a postcard to the then German Chancellor Kohl and asking his signature, so I have a postcard stuck the stamps that is China and Germany jointly published a memoried stamp in my hand (See following image,the postcard autographed by Kohl)
Very coincidence is two points: One Chilian just line up behind me; Two Chilian is also a german philatelist. Thus began the 20 years of close friendship between us.
Chilian lives in Munich, Germany. he was a sell manage of Asia region of ARRI co, so he often comes to Asia and China. He is 3 years younger than me. Similar age, common interests (he also likes music including Morricone),of course, more important is the precious friendship, for 20 years, our close ties have never stopped.
In 2000, he use the opportunity to China, specifically to Nanjing to see me
Chilian is a real philatelist, for many years, he constantly and I exchange philatelic things, we also deepened mutual understanding. Many of his philatelic stories are published on my philately website. He sent me a lot of valuable philatelic items
He knows My “Morricone Fans”website, he also likes the music of Morricone very much. So he used to send me the discs of Morricone for my enjoy and website construction
He also write a postcard for explaining the DVD:
He sent me CD album composed by Ennio Morricone
He worked in the United States for many years. He and his wife Maria went to the United States many times for tourism after retirement. They drove went to the Grand Canyon and took a lot of memorable pictures
He sent email to me on Nov.15,2008. He said: Dear friend Mr. Han, you have done a great job with the USA fotos and Morricone. By the way he celebrated hie 80 th birthday - he seems to be very fit and in an interview in my favorit radio station Classic Radio, he said that he will continue to compose for as long as he is alive. I truly hope so, he is the greatest film music composer alive !!!....
He also introduced me to the rise of the in recent years German film musician Hans Zimmer and sent CD to me. Let me grow a lot of knowledge
Over the years, he and Maria often introduced me to the German famous pastry in the Spring Festival, Dresden Christmas stollen, and often sent to me and the children to enjoy, and their homemade cakes, even better than the products from the shop.
His daughter originally was a child.
A few years ago, their daughter graduated from school to work,get married. In 2015, she gave birth to a very lovely daughter. old couple very happy.
A Morricone concert is expected to hold in Munich on April 7,2014, Chilian has bought the tickets, but the concert was canceled due to the Morricone hospital, it is very regretful for him.
After 3 years, March 7,2017, His wish will come true at last. He sent a German newspaper with an explanation to me, his joy is imaginable
20 years flew by, we are all getting old, but our friendship is deepening. I learned a lot from him,I can feel the Nordic strict, serious quality . He has repeatedly invited me to his hometown Fussen to see,there is famous Neuschwanstein castle as a great honour. But for health reasons,my wife and I cannot travel far away. This is our greatest regret!
Dear friend Mr. Chilian, I wish you good health and family happiness![/size]
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