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2009,2010, Ennio Morricone held concerts for the two time in Beijing and Shanghai China. Ennio Morricone's name and his works gradually spread widely in China.
With the increasing number of people who love Morricone,musicians and bands playing Morricone's works are constantly appearing in China. 2014,2015 Shanghai XINYING light music group held the Morricone theme concert for the two time in succession, received a warm welcome from the audience
The main tracks are from "Home Trilogy" (Cinema Paradiso, Malena, The legend of 1900), "Once upon a time .... Trilogy" (...in west, in revolution, in America), and "Spaghetti Western Trilogy" (A fistful of dollars,For a few dollars more ,The good, the bad and the ugly) and other works
Ticket price from 80-380 RMB. The following figure shows the highest (380) and lowest (80) tickets sold out
Here is a trailer for the concert (07'00" 56 website >>>>>>)
The following is the subtitle for to thanks to our website (morricone.cn) (WeChat photo March 21,2015)
The following is the concert scene (WeChat photo March 21,2015)
Many of our members attended the concert. It was after the show that they came on stage and took pictures of the actors and musicians
Their own photo as a souvenir
More see here
I hope there are more musicians and bands coming to China for play and spread the excellent works of Morricone in the future
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