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3-Italy friend Loviscek

After 10 years of working in a Qixiashan chemical fertilizer plant, I was transferred to Sinopec Jinling pitrochem Corp. as vice president, responsible for new project construction.
In order to expand the scope of business, we are ready to build a chemical fiber plant, the first consideration is acrylic fiber. The main technology from Italy, 1993-1994, I and my colleagues visited there for two time, and get to know a lot of Italy friends. Loviscek is the most contact, the deepest impression of a friend
He is a specialist of acrylic fiber, working at the chemical plant in Eni's Venice. His age is similar to mine, technology is superb. He and other Italy friend Doria both are people with scholarly demeanor. Unfortunately, Doria died in a serious car accident, it makes me very sad.
The following photo is Loviscek(left), Doria (middle)and I (right) in seaside of Alghero Sardinia in 1993
When they visited the Sardinian OTANA Acrylic Factory, they introduced the situation to us in detail
Lunch together in Otana, taste a local pizza--Gottau Dropped and Carasav that is local shepherd eats a dry food
Loviscek lives in Venice,we visited his product development lab when we visited the ENI acrylic plant in Venice
He also warmly accompanied us in Venice
After I retired, we still keep in touch . It is the photos he sent to me that he and his wife travel in the United States
Later, he told me that he also participated in the construction of Jilin Chemical Fiber Plant in northeast China
In 2003, When he knew I started creating the Morricone theme site,he burned and sent "The good,The bad, The ugly" CD to me that was difficult to buy in China in that time
He also add a section "Came back to Sorrento (Torna a Sorrento)" sung by his own imitation Pavarotti in the start of the CD (02'07" or see here)
His songs remind me of the unforgettable memories of visiting Sorrento in 1994. The steep cliff, thick orange groves, Dark blue ocean,old town built by mountains, quiet life..... No wonder those drifter always want to get back here
More about Loviscek see here
He sent me Morricone Arena DVD
Whether it's due to business connections before I retire,or the relationship between personal interests after I retire, Loviscek is always a respectable and memorable good friend!
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