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2-French friend Miramont

In order to promote industrial and agricultural production, into 70s,after Mao Zedong's approval,The State Council has decided to introduce 13 large chemical fertilizer plants from the United States, France and Japan. In 1974 (37 years old), I was transferred to the Nanjing QIXIASHAN chemical fertilizer plant,to participate in the introduction of large chemical fertilizer plant from France. There, I met a large number of specialists from France Heurtey Industry Co. and the rest of the world
In order to solve many problems in construction,the seller and the buyer (both Chinese and French) must negotiate regularly. I am a representative of the Chinese side because I am first director of the plant, France has replaced the four representatives. The longest cooperation time and I was impressed by the Mr. René Miramont. He is the same as my age,tall and handsome, like a movie actor. In the long-term cooperation, we forged a deep friendship. (I'm sorry, because because the time is too long, I haven't found his picture. maybe I can find it later)
At that time the task is very heavy, imported equipment to reach 13000 tons. They are shipped from Marseilles, France, to Shanghai and then to Nanjing
Many problems need to be solved by specialists
2 million cubic meters of soil need to clear
The chimney of the converter and office building rise straight from the ground first
There were a lot of equipment problems during commissioning
Many negotiations often go into the middle of the night. Because of different views and benefit, even appeared a heated argument
But through repeated consultations, the final solution. After 4 years of construction and operation of the past 4 years,finally reached the design ability. I accept a certificate of acceptance from the leadership of the Ministry of chemical industry on June 25, 1983
Life was hard in that time, People's wages are very low, (I only got about $40 a month),But people work very hard without any complaints,hope to make more contributions to society not to make money. I remember asking Mrs. Miramon to dinner at my house,I had to borrow a 14 inch black and white TV set from the plant in order to entertain guests. Because buy a TV need to spend my year's salary in that time. But now I can buy 2 TV sets a month's salary.
In 1994, Miramont came to Nanjing again and visit me, he tell me he has worked at DUMEZ
After I retired, I missed him very much. I used to find through Heurtey Industry and DUMEZ, but without any reply. I want him to be healthy and happy. If you can help me to find him, I will be grateful
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