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Preface:I was lucky enough to live to be 80 years old. For the elderly, memory is needed, is their own footprint;For friends, memories are communication, is the link;For young people, memories are used for reference, memories are resources.With the development of Chinese Society,I've met a lot of friends from different countries in my life. I would like to record them through this platform,in order to share these unforgettable history. You are also welcome to participate in the exchange.

1-Soviet specialist Dulkkin

First speak of start from young time.
I graduated from Beijing chemical industry school in 1954 (At the age of 17),assigned to Nanjing Yongli fertilizer plant. It is one of only two fertilizer plants in China in that time (Another in the northern city of Dalian),and it also is Asia's largest fertilizer plant.
In 1956, I served as a foreman on the synthesis section of synthetic ammonia workshop (24 hours shift) . The following picture is for me and my classmates. from the right second person is me
At that time China was a member of the socialist camp led by the Soviet Union. In order to help China's construction, Soviet Union aid to China to build 156 large plants and to send a large number of technical specialist. The Yongli plant also ushered in a synthetic ammonia specialist. his name is Dulkkin.
He is about 10 years older than me. He brought a new catalyst reduction technology,developed a new method of operation. He came to the workshop and we communicate, to guide the operation. After 7 consecutive days of work, and achieved good results
When he was about to leave the plant, the plant staff farewell him and took a photo with him
The following is a partial enlarged view-1. The middle is Dulkkin, the man (wear glasses)standing on his left is the director ,right is chief engineer Shengjie Jiang,he is a well-known Chinese nuclear industry specialist, China 's inventor of first high - pressure containers, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Both of them have died
The following is a partial enlarged view-2. Standing in the back of the right side of the people is me
Look at this picture 60 years ago,cause my infinite emotion. Time is passing, society is moving forward. Friends, cherish life, work hard!
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