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Nanjing Zhongshan botanical garden, China's first national botanical garden, was built in 1929. It was built to commemorate the death of the Father of China nation Sun Zhongshan。My wife and I go there every spring. The weather was fine today (March 15,2017), we decided to go there
After entering, the first is the tulip of the flower area, all kinds of tulips are really loved
In the back of the flower district is the new park. Here close to the Ming city wall and the former lake, looking south, is the world's oldest, largest, was built in 1366, the ancient city wall. Behind it can be seen the Hilton hotel that is established in recent years. The former lake at the foot of the wall. The new two large modern greenhouse in the side of the lake, like a crystal palace, causing people unlimited reverie
In addition to many plant landscape, more impressive is that many newly married couples in the photography club under the help, very pretty and show charming youthful passion. Make our hearts envy
Finally, we went into the two greenhouses. The air is clean, spacious and light, not only a variety of plants, flower arrangement is very loose, and there are many the rest of the seat for visitors . Especially for old people, we can feel the development and warmth of society
There is also a tropical rainforest plants area, there is an outdoor wedding reception center for the needs of a variety of different tourist services
If you have the opportunity to come to Nanjing, China, I suggest you go there to see. I'd be happy to help you.
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