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Title:  Being hard
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Bounty is not the purpose, the bounty is fun, the bounty is the contribution! Welcome to all fans made everyone to share your talents!
In the chronology of morricone official web site, ,there also is a controversial film, it is Morte di una ragazza per bene-TV Movie (Luigi Perelli) (TB9901)
Follow is Morricone official web site chronology
In the staff caption of the film shows its composer is Pino Donaggio
The video of the film >>>>>>
IMDB also shows Pino Donaggio
There is no the film in ChiMai web site
My question is : Why the official web site shows its composer is Ennio Morricone? Do you have any new evidence to prove which side is right? (Would you please tell me new evidences in the following reply)
Thank you for your attention and support, let us continue forward for the common goal
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